Up Armor Privacy Policy

Not only do we protect your home.  We protect your information.  In fact, we won’t even assume you would like us to text you unless you text us first or submit your information to us and select “opt-in” for texting.  We also send a text on our way to customer meetings as a courtesy to our customers.

We collect personal information that you voluntarily provide to us, such as your name, email address, phone number, physical address, and any other information that you choose to share with us, but we do not sell, rent, or disclose your personal information to third parties, except as necessary to provide requested services or as required by law. We respect your privacy choices, especially concerning the sharing of your personal information. Any information you provide through opt-in consent will not be shared with third parties for marketing or promotional purposes. We Safeguard your data, we are highly cautious about entrusting it to anyone beyond. We firmly believe in maintaining control over your personal information and ensuring it is confidential and secure at all times. Consequently, we are committed to exercising discretion when it comes to sharing any personal details with external entities.  We will not text you unless you give check the box or give us explicit permission to do so.  You have that right to control how you are contacted.

Lucas Heffner, Up Armor Owner